Kristina Yevseyeva, CO - Notary Public

Hello POA enthusiasts and professionals,

My name is Kristina Yevseyeva. My last name is not an output of a hash function, I promise :smiley:

My academic and professional background is in engineering for safety-critical systems. I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an M.S. in Software Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I’ve started my professional career as a software engineer at a medical company creating/documenting architecture, use cases, needs, requirements, design, and finally implementing and verifying SOAP web-services for a distributed network of > 200 SQL-based servers located in hospitals that communicate with a central server. At the central server product usage data from the hospitals can be analyzed and visualized by customers and mined for internal business intelligence and product improvements purposes. I also worked on integrating existing products with external healthcare providers over an HL7 interface, which is intended to transfer clinical and administrative data. These projects gave me the first real-world exposure to identifying and solving problems around scaleability, availability, cybersecurity and privacy when handling PHI. Recently, I’ve been working on the surgical navigation system that uses image guidance to enable surgeons perform minimally invasive cranial, spinal, and other procedures with a greater confidence around patient safety and clinical outcomes. Some of my projects involve big data and deep learning to improve and expand the system’s functionality.

I’ve been interested and fascinated by the potential of blockchain-based technology pretty much since its immersion. In my opinion, the current blockchain giants are only scratching the surface of the full potential of this technology when applied to different industries proliferated with middlemen, lack of transparency and long-gone trust. Initially, I’ve come across POA Network when looking into ETHDenver 2018. Unfortunately, stars did not align for me to attend, but I’ve found the POA consensus model elegant in its simplicity, efficiency, and scaleability without killing the planet, which made me research it further.

As trust in traditional intermediaries is declining around the world, and bureaucratic and security issues make regular headlines, the fundamental reason why these intermediaries exist becomes a big question. Before I get myself in trouble, I’ll just say that blockchain-based solutions may be an answer to many existing problems in every domain of the socio-economic life. So far I’ve been a mere observer, waiting for the right opportunity to apply the blockchain technology to a real-world problem. Being closely involved in the healthcare industry, I see numerous use cases for applying blockchain, smart contracts, and the POA consensus model:

Health insurance in the U.S. seems one of the most broken use cases where the cost of a service and the details of that service are not fully known to the consumer until weeks or months after the service is provided. Furthermore, the overhead of a transaction going through a health insurance company is often quoted at ~15%, while, say, an overhead of a transaction at a grocery store is ~1-2%. Such inefficiencies and lack of transparency could be solved by using smart contracts with POA validator pool of certified medical professionals balanced with representatives from other publicly certified professions.

Getting authorized access to a patient’s medical records (even your own!) in a timely manner also seems like a nearly impossible task. Imagine the world where a patient and authorized physicians can have real-time access to patient’s medical records that can also be synced with patient monitoring devices. Now imagine a single repository of such medical records, where PHI is encrypted using one-way hash algorithm to maintain privacy. Depending on consent from a patient, his/her data can be made available to a research group to conduct large scale studies to inform and come up with better therapies and drugs or detect patterns in drug interactions. Again, medical professionals can serve as validators or a subset of these.

To conclude, I hope to become a valuable contributor to the POA network in the capacity of a validator and beyond as I truly believe it’s a ground-breaking technology and I would like to help shape it.

CO Notary Public ID - 20184021418
Commission Expiration Date - 05/21/22
Verification Link -

P.S. Congrats to the development and test team on the live demo of the POA network bridge - that’s a huge leap forward!


Welcome! It’s great to have a systems engineer with your expertise here. Looking forward to your contributions.

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Welcome to POA forum Kristina! It’s great to have a software engineer here from the health industry, but specifically Medtronic! I’m a big fan of most of their innovative surgical procedures. I like your future outlook into the possibilities of blockchain technology in healthcare. Welcome Kristina :blush:


Thank you for a warm welcome, alexanderjbeal and elillian!

A quick clarification: although I’ve started my career as a software engineer, I currently work as a systems engineer. Systems engineering in different industries means very different things, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer program only added to that confusion. For the lack of a better explanation, I work as a interdisciplinary engineer for complex systems, rather than managing servers and networks.



Hello Kristina, thank you for the introduction and clarification to Lillian’s question. Do you have any Linux experience? Also, do you know any current Validators or POA Core team? Welcome!


Hi Krisitina, welcome to the forum! I am glad to see such a talented person being interested in POA and blockchain in general. The medical topic deeply resonates with me. For someone who recently spent many months on the medical industry due to the injury I can speak from my personal experience, that is a huge mess and needs lots of improvement and refactoring. Especially the insurance and medical records parts.

I happen to know Kristina through her other half who I had a pleasure to skydive with a while ago. Life happens, so have I left the sport, but I was happily surprised to get a message from Kristina being curious about the project. I hope I was able to answer all her questions about POA and validator role, but I will leave it to her to answer.

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Hello 1proof and thank you for your message! I’m exited to be on this forum!

At the moment, my hands-on experience with Linux is limited to basic commands. However, recently I’ve started working with it more extensively for work-related projects as it’s used as an OS for our surgical navigation system.

I came across POANetwork through the ETHDenver website, which listed Igor Barinov as a tech lead. So I’ve got to know of Igor and then other members listed on your website. When I browsed the list of validators’ intros I (hardly) recognized alexem and used it as an opportunity to reach out with some questions on the POANetwork, validator’s responsibilities and openings you have posted, which he kindly helped me answer - thank you, alexem!

@elillian Thank you for sharing your appreciation of the health industry! Based on statistics, Medtronic therapies improve the lives of two patients every second, which is a big impact and responsibility.

Although healthcare industry is close to my heart, I certainly recognize almost endless possibilities of the POA-based solutions in every sphere of everyday life. From simplifying and automating transactions that currently take days and multiple people/entities to process to being able to share your private information in a secure, encrypted manner that can be verified without having access to the “raw” data - I don’t think encrypted data sells well on the black market :smiley:

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@alexem Thank you for your positive feedback and helpful advice!

I’m sorry, but at the same time not surprised, to hear about your experience dealing with the insurance and medical records when you needed to focus on recovery and not the red tape!

It’s also disappointing how people take such broken systems as is or make questionable improvements. I think to foster the adoption of blockchain technology, we need to start building more apps and services around it that are relatable to more people than just techies. We also need to build these apps and services on an efficient, scaleable, and interoperable platform. I think blockchain with the POA consensus can serve as a fantastic basis for new business models.

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@alexanderjbeal, @elillian, @1proof, @alexem I’ve set up a bootnode, which seems to be running fine. Please let me know what the next steps are. Thank you in advance!

I think you’re supposed to send it to @igorbarinov, but @1proof @elillian or @alexem will be able to clarify.

Hello everyone! I’ve updated my introductory post now that my Colorado Notary Public data is available for review online. Here is the information again:

CO Notary Public ID - 20184021418
Commission Expiration Date - 05/21/22
Verification Link -


Congratulations on attaining your CO Notary license Kristina! :blush:

Thanks for your questions, it can be helpful for future visitors! I believe @1proof has helped you spin up your bootnode yesterday so you’re on your way on to the testnet! Love your active participation and great insight on the forum. Please join us on telegram too. Welcome Kristina!


Hi Lilly, no, I think Kristina has spun up her node on her own. Great work!


Wow that’s awesome Kristina! Thanks for the clarification @1proof :wink: (who has been a great help for on-boarding).


Alex Emelyanov pointed me to the bootnode setup instructions and helped me with NETSTATS settings, but otherwise I found the instructions well-written and easy to follow if you are actually paying attention :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations Kristina on becoming POA’s 19th core validator! Looking forward to having you as a great addition to the network! If you need any help setting up your node, I’d be happy to help.

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I see Kristina as a Core candidate, not as a Core validator even the majority voted for her.
Let’s wait with congratulations

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Now it’s about time.
Congratulations @kristina to be the 19th validator on Core network.

The core network is one validator away from 20 validators. I’d like to quote “Decentralization in Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks” paper

These results show that a Byzantine quorum system [53] of size 20 could
achieve better decentralization than proof-of-work mining at a much lower resource


Thank you, Igor! I am truly excited and honored to be a part of the project and help POA Network expand!