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Lab10 collective as an xDAI validator


We from lab10 collective would like to support this project by running a validator.

After discovering poa.network less than a year ago, we decided to adopt a lot of its stack for the ARTIS Ethereum sidechain (most importantly, the governance contracts + DApps and the bridge tools) and are thus quite familiar with it.
Recently, we also started a more direct collaboration, e.g. by supporting the transition of the Kovan testnet (we’re one of the new validators) and by supporting the integration of hbbft into Parity.

We’d appreciate joining this club :slight_smile:


Mining key: 0x10aae121b3c62f3dafec9cc46c27b4c1dfe4a835
Voting key: 0x10bb52d950b0d472d989a4d220fa73bc0cc7e62d
Payout key : 0x10cc249eafd6620df60aafa14fc19512d4ef108f
Bridge key: 0x10dd75875a2a8a284529ae7223b1ace410d606bd

POA created the ballot and voted :white_check_mark:
We appreciate your commitment.

Dear @xdai-validators please cast your governance decision

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@d10r Glad to have you folks onboard :slight_smile: Voted! :white_check_mark:


@d10r syncnode voted! :white_check_mark:


Protofire.io has voted :white_check_mark:


Hi there, I’m also a member of lab10 like @d10r, tasked with setting up our node and I’d like to ask the existing validators for the NETSTATS_SECRET(the NETSTATS_SERVER wasn’t hard to guess and is publicly linked in this forum anyways).

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