Las Vegas Government Blockchain Meetup--POA Speaker


I help facilitate the Las Vegas Government Blockchain Group with Nadia Hansen. If anyone wants to come out to the July 26th meet-up we are looking for a speaker for our event. It would be great to foster a discussion around POA, interoperability, governance and how it relates to various industries.

We will also sponsor a flight out and accommodations.

This group is also sponsored by the Government Blockchain Association ( ). GBA-Las Vegas will play a key role in informing and facilitating the development of blockchain for industry, commerce, education and government.

Let me know if anyone would want to come out to represent POA. We would love to have you.


Tha’ts awesome!
cc: @Ziggy

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Nice! Thanks for letting us know @TCABLE! Ill get in touch with you!

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Of course. I look forward to connecting!

@TCABLE, is it July or June?


Hi Ziggy,

It’s July!


Hi Theresa,

Please send me an email with the details to


Hi Ziggy,

Email Sent.


@TCABLE, this is a great initiative and I do hope that at least one of the key PoW contributors , can make the trip. Could you keep us informed of the developments of your efforts, please? Having looked at the GBA chapter map in continental Europe, I see a couple in Paris and two in Italy, but not much else. Do wonder what type of membership GBA attracts and how that could suit blockchain enthusiasts in other countries.


Hi Walter, I hope so as well. I am communicating with Ziggy so hopefully we can work something out. I will keep everyone posted!