Lillian Chan, CA Notary Public

Dear fellows,

I wish this message finds you well. I’m happy to be here with all of you as we enter a new time in history where blockchain technology allows for more security as well as freedom for the world.

My name is Lillian Chan, and below is my blockchain story so far.

I was first introduced to blockchain technology through a dear friend of mine named Marshall Hayner in 2012, he nicknamed my Shiba dogs dogecoins. So I had to figure out what a dogecoin was. That was the funny way I was introduced to blockchain technology. I was excited about how useful this technology could be, but there wasn’t much support back then. Luckily in December 2014, Marshall introduced me to a blockchain startup. They needed a professional videographer to film and edit their blockchain course videos, so I joined to help out. That startup became known as “Blockchain University” today.

From Dec 2014- December 2015 almost every Saturday I’d film the classes. As I edited and listened in on the classes I learned from the developer’s side. My favorite classmates who became my best friends were Igor Barinov (POA Founder) and Jeff Flowers (POA validator/ developer). I was able to join 2 class projects that went on to become companies now: Block Notary, and Igor Barinov was the founder of Block Notary, and he taught me a lot when Block Notary went through Plug and Play Technology in January 2016. In 2017, I became a producer for Hyperledger by The Linux Foundation (blockchain for business), and a miner for the Oracles Network which is now known as the "POA Network" today. I’m also a director at Yooney, which is a blockchain enabled construction database.

2017 was a huge year for blockchain technology, and I know 2018 will only further develop this useful technology. I can’t wait to see how the POA Network’s developers and amazing Dapps will bring more useful projects to the world. Let’s collaborate!

Wishing you all the best and blessings.

Happy New Year Team POA :slight_smile:

Name: Lillian Chan
Notary License State: California



Welcome Lillian! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jeff! I wish I could tag you and Igor in the photos :wink: haha cc: @igorbarinov

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Unfortunately, due to some new health issues, and a new job I won’t be able to fulfill my duties as a POA Validator anymore. Please create ballots to remove me on POA Sokol and Core.

Honestly, it’s been a lovely, humbling experience going through this project together. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to connect with you all across so many states.

I still believe in the POA Team, and think the tools they have built can help the world. Cheers to the best years to come for us all.

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The best way is to create the ballot for yourself using your voting key.
@poa-validators please consider to create the ballot for Lillian due to her health conditions.
Don’t forget to vote her out on both networks.