List of running POA dapps?

Hello all, could anybody help me find a list of current dapps and sidechain projects running on poa? I have found some developer tools but other than that I have nothing to look at. If you could help me out, that would be great.



Hey Colm!

There is a list of Token Wizard projects being maintained here:

Also, 2 off the top of my head that are/or will be using POA will be:

  1. r_block:
  2. bitclave:

Hopefully others will chime in if they are aware of any other projects that will be using POA for their solutions.

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  1. Token Multisender:
  2. Validators Information:
  3. POA Governance Dapp:

Maybe more that Iā€™m not aware of!


Thanks for the suggestions @ajkagy @rstorm Is there a centralized directory of all the dapps on POA? Does it make sense to create a github page that lists all the dapps and that is being updated from time to time (similar to what was created for Token Wizard projects)?