Listing ERC20 on POA on Exchange

Guys, first of all, congratulations for the great project!

I see POA is listed on Binance and that’s great. How about ERC20 tokens on POA? Will they be listable on exchanges?

Thank you in advance!


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Thank you.
At the moment, it’s not possible to list on exchanges ERC20 token created on POA.
Although, we are working on ERC20 to ERC20 bridge.
Tokens on POA will be able to be bridged to ETH and be listed there.

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Thanks, Igor. I can imagine that if a token is kind of signifficant in its value exchanges will do the work to adjust their systems to consume ERC20 the way they do with Ethereum ERC20 tokens. I was just wondering if there are already cases for that.

Other than that, the bridge sounds really good. Will there be contract-level trigger for that bridging? Say a contract rule fires to transfer ERC20 token from user’s wallet on to Ethereum. This will make the whole thing really transparent and the users will not have reason to doubt what to do or weather their tokens are sellable/liquid on, because bridging them to ethereum is kind of transparent this way and depends on the Dapp that accesses the contract.

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Hi Emil,

Do you mean if exchanges accepted bridged tokens?

  • Bitfinex/Ethfinex
  • Bancor
  • IDEX

thank you, we were excited by previous work of

before we started to work on

Take a look at an illustration from Parity Bridge repo. I remember when I saw it for the first time I understood how the bridge works without any explanation.

Yes, events from smart contracts trigger validators to relay tokens

At the moment, users use UI to relay their POA tokens. It is possible to use bridge without the UI

For some new usecases, like ERC721 to ERC721 bridge we see how bridge will be used without UI and embedded in logic of the application.


Thanks for the comprehensive answer! I’ve already read part of the documentatin you provided. All looks very promising!

What at the moment really is a question to me is what’s simplest and painless way for the users users to exchange ERC20 tokens (generated by/for other dapps) on top of for fiat or other crypto. To my understanding exchanges will not list ERC20/ tokens without putting some effort and start differentiating between ERC20/ethereum and ERC20/poa. What you say is they’d rather list ERC20-bridged on Ethereum tokens?

If ERC20 tokens are easily listable, I see no obstacles for a more massive adoption of for aidrops and ICOs or, even better for true accessible Dapps.

A workaround would be using the bridge, these ERC20/poa tokens to migrate on the ethereum chain and vice versa in a very transparent way. When do you think this bridge functionality would be available for any ERC20/poa token (erc20/poa <-> erc20/eth)?

Thanks again a lot!


I think, after reading a bit more and with your help I got all the answers. Thanks.

The erc20-erc20 mode of the bridge is what I was looking for. I see you are now into active development so I won’t bother more :wink:

If I could help with the bridge testing, let me know.


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Sure, please let us know your token contract. You could PM me

On monday I will create an ERC20 test token on and will let you know.

P.S. I have toruble finding the PM functionality here :wink: