Listing On New Exchanges - Funding By Validators or Community?

Hello Validators & Community Members,

I suggest POA should be listed on many exchanges like amy other coin/token in the market. Funding, I suggest should be done by

  • Validators only.

What do you guys think?

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I think it should be funded by crowdfunding if exchanges accept this way of funding.
But the source of funding can be from

  • validators
  • crowd

I support the idea! I believe this is how governments should work in the future and we have a chance to prove the concept. I think it would be helpful to have a poll what exchanges the community wants first. Once we pick the next exchange, we inquire about the terms of listing. We can then organize a crowdfund, perhaps have the crowdfund smart contract to which both validators and the community will contribute and if it reaches the goal, the funds will be transferred to the administrative party (ex. POA Foundation) or refunded if the fund goal was not reached. I wonder what others think?