Los myt coins last december

Hello, I had a transaction back on 12/22 and I never received the energy web tokens I was supposed to receive. It is a trust wallet and I don’t know if I could have received them there anyways. At the time I was coming down with a cold and it ended up being covid. So I was sick for a couple weeks and when I went to deal with I couldn’t figure it out and gave up. Now I would like to see if someone can help me figure out where these coins went. It brings up a transaction when I input My trust wallet adress. Please email me any info. Here is my trust wallet adress. 0x9D487102c3b91170F61308D5FC3fb153BFA15b2F

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Please post the tx hash of mentioned transaction.


I see some EWT in the wallet:

don’t know trust wallet, but if you have the private key you can use metamask by adding the EWC (