Lost my ROSE tokens from Emerald Paratime to Consensus


I was trying to send my ROSE from Metamask connected to Oasis wallet (Paratime), to consensus aka my Binance account. I was been doing this same process few times before and it was working well.
This time how ever, I accidentally clicked elsewhere, while transaction was pending, and since I was using Oasis web wallet, it has a function to close the wallet, even if just clicking somewhere else in the screen.

When I came back inside, there was no trace or any kind of record of this transactiion showing. Tokens were gone from my wallet, and they never arrived to destination wallet either. When I was looking inside my wallet with Oasis scan, it was appering that my address balance had those tokens inside, but I couldn’t reach them. One day later, that exact amount of tokens moved on again somewhere, but still not to my destination wallet. Can anyone tell me, why this happend, and what might happend?

a) As you haven’t provided any info such as tx hash, no one on this world can help you here.
b) This forum is for Gnosis Chain, POA Network and Kovan Testnet so your questions is not related to this forum at all.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I understand that without tx hash this issue would be difficult to solve. I was basically just trying to ask if anyone would have knowledge on similar cases by experience.

About being on the wrong forum, I was simply following the link from the Oasis protocol web page, when looking for their support. and they point out that their supportive aid is here. My apology.

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