Hi. I sent STAKE (XDAI) from my Metamask wallet on the XDAI network to my HOTBIT exchange STAKE wallet but the coins never showed up! I now understand that I should have used the token bridge prior to sending them. What happens to the tokens now and is there a way I can retrieve them? Blockscout link below

You should ask HOTBIT to send the tokens back to you since only they have an access to a private key which responsible for the account 0x3b0874e8c5ded21cacde38a7910b5a75997c840a.

I did but they said it would cost me 0.5 ETH and it’s not worth it as I only transferred 10 STAKE which is less that 0.5 ETH

Thanks for your reply though

I am really sorry that they have such high prices for recovery operations. But there is no another way to get the tokens back.