Lost tokens from XDAI chain to Exchange

I sent link from my xdai chain wallet on meta mask to an exchange address and they havent showed up, dont know how to find the tokens…

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Which exchange are you sending it to?

I was sent them to Binance, and no they are still not there?

I don’t think binance support the token sending from xDai yet unfortunately. Maybe try to contact binance support?

So you don’t know for sure, since you said I don’t think so. Is there anyone who can tell me for certain that Binance doesn’t accept these coins from the Xdai chain and if so does that mean my tokens are lost?

you should contact binance support
as CZ mentioned they are helping people to recover… sometimes

i have tried they are giving me the run around, 1st they ask for the TXID which i give to them and they write me back saying the info is unsecure and i need to send them a secure link, i have no idea what they are asking for?

What did you send to them?

TXID NO. From the transaction and the blockscout link that you get when you click on the TXID. Thats it.


I have a similar issue with LINK sent from xDai blockchain using Honeyswap directly to Kraken. The transaction ID shows success but its not on Kraken. Kraken have said they dont support xDai and dont know. Any help pls?


If they can’t help you with a private key of your deposit address/ or do the work to retrieve it then your tokens can considered as lost.

Hi, I have the same issue, I sent USDT from metamask xDai to ETH USDT blockchain and I was able to see those tokens xdai chain tx, but not on the ETH USDT wallet. I have talked with my ETH wallet exchange, and they said that if the TXID is not on ETH blockchain, is not possible to help me. So, is there any way to contact xDai support? in order to know what else could we do?

i have outlined a similar issue a few weeks ago. I am wanting to know if I need to contact the dev of burner wallet in this instance? I have used the token bridge for all other erc20 without any issue, after this incident. my link is here: Did BurnerWallet send my tokens to an Eth Burn address?

No, not until the exchange accepts those tokens, and opens a wallet for them. My issue was with Binance and that was what I was told. But then they canceled my account. So I guess they are lost for me for ever.

As stated b4, I’ve given up. And will take this lost on the chin.

I just done the same mistake of sending some Uni token direct to Coinbase using MetaMask but never received on Coinbase. Do you think I’ll ever get those tokens?

Have a similar problem. Sent Rari from my Xdai chain adress to my ETH address on Poloniex. Funds never showed up on Poloniex address. Really frustrating. I guess this is the cost of being a blockchain early adopter!

Hi, contact the Poloniex support. They should be able to access the funds and help you.

They pretend not to understand what I am talking about. They wanted me to show them TransactionID on ethereum blockchain which I dont have since the funds were sent on Xdai chain.
Guys, don’t ever go to this shady exchange Poloniex.

Why Poloniex have access to the tokens on xDai but not Binance? :frowning: