Lost UNI TOKENS (sent from xDAI network to Uni address)

Please can you help out . i sent 10 Uni tokens to my another wallet into uni address ; unfortuanately i did not recieved;
i look forward to hearing back from you

Please share a transaction id here or in DM

Hi Igor, here you go ;;;

I see ~ 10 UNI balance here https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/address/0x0954d02Cf020aB71860314DC6E32d9A604Cf1b19/transactions

Hi , that’s my question. But that Destination uni address does not show anything. Because xDai UNI contract is different than normal UNI CONTRACT. Please clarify this . Even thou In meta mask Wallet under xDai network uni token contract is different.
I look forward to hearing back from you

Do you have access to this wallet 0x0954d02Cf020aB71860314DC6E32d9A604Cf1b19 ?

Yes I have Access this wallet but I can’t add/ modify anything. Basically this uni wallet In Celcious platform.

You should ask Celcious for the access. If they can’t help you then you should consider your tokens as lost.

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