Lost Wizards PDF

Hey. I lost my PDF file with ABI.
Can I ABI again? Or all Pdf?

Thank you.

You can recreate your crowdsale with the same parameters on the test network and get the same ABI.
Although, addresses will be different

Thank you, but I always get this (on main or on test servers).
Also tried with different accounts.
It spinning 4hours till now.

Please do not refresh the page.

We fixed this in new patch: https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/pull/567.

But you can fix it with hiding element loading-container from Chrome developer console:

Right click to do not refresh the page... -> choose Inspect -> Chrome developer console will open -> find loading-container there -> right click on it -> choose Hide element.

Loader will disappear and you’ll be able to download summary files of your crowdsale and go to crowdsale page.

This problem is known.
Fixed here https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/pull/567.

Please send me details of your transactions to info@poa.network for the refund if you refreshed the page
Please read refund policy https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/wiki/Token-Wizard-Refund-Policy

Hi, I’m getting something similar but on the following crowdsale page. Is there a solution for that also?

Thank you, JR

Do you have any errors in Google Chrome Dev console? Could you attach log from it?