Made Mistake in transfering from exchange to my Ledger

Hi I need some help. Im new to the space.
Made a transaction from the exchange to my Ledger. Installed the EWT App.
Then used the Ethereum Adress for transfer my funds. (EWT Token was not showing up as other Tokens like Link…)
I can see the transaction on the EWC Explorer as transaction sucess in a blue field, but the tokens are not on my Ledger, I cant transfer them…nothing…the Ethereum Adress is the right one…
Is there a way to get my funds or is it just pending?
I guess I made a mistake.
Thank you Ralf

Hi Ralf, you should contact the EWF team.

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Hi Igor
Thx a lot. Did you know the best way to do so? Link or Mail? I didn’t find anything like that on the page so I went this way;)
I don’t want to waste the time of all you smart people with my user incompetence :joy:
Best regards and stay healthy

Thank You very much for your support. I will contact them.
Stay healthy

Good Morning
I found a link that helped me out…:wink:
Thank you and a nice day

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