Major issue: transactions are pending for hours for no reason&


We are facing a major issue since this morning. We have sent 40 transactions. They are all in pending state, even though there no any reason: nonce is ok, gas price is ok…etc. We have 1000 other transactions to send.

I tried to resend the exact same transaction (for example nonce 7763). After many many tries, it got succeded. Most of blocks are empty so we don’t see any reason for our tx to be in pending state for many hours and to have to resend transaction that are already in pool.

Please we need support very quickly as we do have applications and clients that really relies on our smart contracts.



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Hello Stéphane–

the transaction details you have included above show successful completion, so that’s good! A quick look at the transactions themselves in BlockScout show some clues as to my you may be having issues, although I haven’t dug deeply enough to determine which stage in your process is executing above.

I have been following your Arianee project with interest for quite some time and would be happy to help test and troubleshoot, although I currently have limited time; perhaps over the weekend? I noticed a few anomalies in your documentation and perhaps could help identify and correct those while assisting with test and troubleshooting. Please feel free to send a private message here if interested. Thanks and keep up the good work - Arianee is a great project for POA Core Network!

Hi, Thanks for your answer. Yes they are successful because I have resent them many many times.

I would be pleased: send me an email and we ll find a moment this weekend?

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The problem was reported to the Nethermind team. The transaction was not relayed by the Netheremind node and was only relayed by the Parity node. The short term solution is to use Parity/OpenEthereum nodes.

Thanks. How can i achieve that?



You can run your own node with Parity/OpenEthereum or you can use an RPC endpoint with only the Parity node which I provided to you in the chat.