Mana-Ethereum Roadmap 2019

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Here you can find the 2019 roadmap for Mana, an Ethereum client build in Elixir.

2019 Roadmap

Once Mana-Ethereum becomes a working client, the focus will be on getting a Full Client that is functional. The core additions to the correct client will be official releases, JSON-RPC and Fast Sync. We will release this client as a binary and users can run day-to-day tasks on this node instead of Geth or Parity. The client should be fast enough, but speed shouldn’t be a blocker to this release.


  • Full Chain sync
  • Pv63 Fast Sync
  • Release and CLI
  • Persistent Storage
  • Decent Speed

After building a full client, there are a number of issues that can be addressed:

  • PoA Consensus: After we have a full client, we should build in the PoA consensus algorithm.
  • Faster Node: The client should be fast. There is a lot of work we should do to make sure we can process transactions nearly as fast as Geth or Parity (or, in many cases, faster).
  • Low Memory Environment: It would be great to see if we can keep the memory footprint of Mana to be low-enough to run on memory constrained devices. This would open up an area for many new users of Mana.
  • Parallel Transaction Execution: As Ethereum is good as concurrency, we should consider processing transactions in parallel (as opposed to sequentially). This could be accomplished with a variety of optimistic locking.
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