Marat Pekker, CA Notary


My name is Marat Pekker.

I live in Bay Area, CA for over 20 years. I am in software engineering field since late 90s. Had a chance to experience a couple of startup acquisitions. Have a mixture of skills and experience in virtualization, business administration, software development and quality assurance as well as Real Estate investing. First I heard about Crypto and blockchain in 2013 and was closely monitoring it ever since. Started learning about blockchain technology and when Ethereum and smart contracts appeared in 2015, it got even more interesting and promising. However I was too careful (partially after Mt Gox hack and its affect) and didn’t really start investing till late 2016. Still not bad so far.

Distributed/Decentralized web (web3.0) is the future, I came across a NotaryCoin in Sep-Oct of 2017 and was watching team’s progress. is one of the best projects I came across so far. Technology/Team’s commitment and hard work. I am currently running a bootnode on core network and would like to also become a validator during next phase. Currently I am in the process of becoming a California Notary. For now, will test on sokol network.

Name: Marat Pekker
State: California
Public Notary# PENDING
Expiration: PENDING

Thank you,

POA Validators & Candidates Guide

Name: Marat Pekker
State: California
Public Notary: 2235772
Expiration: 03/25/2022

This information could be verified at the following link:


Congratulations Marat! I know you have been an early supporter of POA Network back to the begging of the Oracles era, and have been an active Sokol Test network Validator since… well, I think since the very beginning of the Sokol Test network! Thanks as well for everything you do on the Open Source and testing working with GitHub. I look forward to you becoming a POA Core network Validator!



Marat, congratulations on your notary license.
I don’t know Marat in person (which is good for consensus). I’ve enjoyed conversations with you on Telegram and Forum.


Congratulations, Marat.
Could you please post a picture of you.


Congrats on becoming California Notary, Marat!


Thank you everybody! I am really excited to become validator on Core network and continue contributing to POA Network consensus! Will update with picture and more info shortly.


This is a perfect situation to think about future of blockchain technology for several uninterrupted hours, how it will (and already does) change the world and change every industry.

I really enjoy being a part of open source community and connect with smart individuals around the world and contribute to changing the world for the better.


Great news! Congrats.


Congrats Marat on becoming a core validator!


Congrats on the notary license Marat! It’s great to hear the news after good conversations with you on telegram and sokol networks. Welcome to Core :slight_smile: