Matic tokens lost due to wrong network

I withdrew 20k Matic tokens from Bitmax to Binance, using the Matic Network. However, they never arrived. Binance tells me they don’t support Matic Network yet and Bitmax tells me they transferred it correctly. So neither will help me. I am hoping you could please, please, pretty please help me, because it is a very large amount (to me).

The transaction ID is 0xe0af13b28751aa577258cb743494516cb25a1c1595b9c7cabf246a78e679057b

Any way you can make them appear in my Binance wallet, or revert the transaction back to my Bitmax account?

Anxiously awaiting your reply.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Peter,

You should contact Matic support. This forum is for xDai STAKE and POA Network.

Hi Mojmir,

Thank you, but I have been redirected there from the Matic website. Do you happen to have an email address or a link of where I could get support from Matic?

Thanks in advance fot your help,

Hello, did you fix that problem? I need help. I’ve same problem like u

This Matic support: