Max cap validators

According to whitepaper, we have max of 12 validators in validator set + master of ceremony.

I’m curious what would be the vision for mainnet network of maximum number of validators.

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Dear Roman and Oracles POA Network community members,
The whitepaper we shared on our website is neither intended to be comprehensive nor final by nature. We presented it as a way to frame our hypothesis and to deliver the idea to the community. Some of the initial parameters might change in the process as we are shaping up our ecosystem, testing different business model scenarios, and refine the ideas based on the community feedback.
In the current whitepaper version we state 12 validators, but we would like to be clear that this is the starting number.
As of now, we have 12 validators on the testnet and expect 25 validators on the mainnet. The number may change, but this will not affect annual POA tokens emission. Regardless of the number of validators, annual emission, used for validators’ reimbursement, will not exceed 2.5%.


Thank you very much @Lena for your detailed answer.