Melanie Marsollier, CA - Notary Public

Hi POA community,

It is with a lot of excitement for this project that I am staking my identity, especially now as a part of the validator group. As my identity is my (and probably for a majority of us) most valuable asset, I want to make sure that the community gets to know me so you can appreciate who you are entrusting to operate safely on this Blockchain.

On a professional level, I have been in the distributed infrastructure industry since early 2015. I am currently a manager in the EY’s Blockchain and Distributed Infrastructure Practice. In this role, I am coordinating the development of solutions for financial institutions and startups in the consensus technology space.

Before that I was a consultant for a Bitcoin startup advising on matters related to state and federal regulatory compliance and partnerships with financial institutions.

Prior to joining the Bitcoin industry, I was a living in London where I was a consultant for an award winning hedge fund consulting firm. Finally, I did my schooling at the London School of Economics, where I learned about economics, game theory, and business.

On a personal level, I am a black lesbian woman. The crypto space is not known for inclusion, and inclusion is an important value to me. Some reports are indicating that just 3% of traders are women, and that 5 to 10% of the crypto space workforce is female. The black community is not on the forefront of the Blockchain revolution neither. I would like my participation in this bockchain to be noticed, and it to encourage other people who look like me to get involved.

In my view validators have to meet the basic requirement of validating blocks while avoiding delaying the network, ensuring the health of their node, and showing up to the ballot box. In addition to performing these core activities, I would like to share some of my business knowledge with the POA community and help propose strong governance for the network.

As a consultant I get to travel and collect air miles, outside of my business suit you might find me in the water with a look similar to this one :slight_smile:


You have an awesome background and experience. I’m pretty excited to have you on board! Welcome Melanie!! :slight_smile:

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Good smilimg face!))