🐞 meleatrust as an XDai Validator

Hello, to all the great people are here. :wink:

I hope everyone is doing well, I’m Víctor from meleatrust,
I like to be a Validator for XDai chain and support this great idea, the plan is run a validator and one node bridge, I’m very grateful to see who are the validators working now in the chain, and just one respect for all they.

more info about my experiences like Validator and social media


Thanks for the support and if I’m not elected, it is ok, I love the XDai idea and planning support and uses anyway.


Hi, do you know any of the existing validators of xDai?

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Hi there, what do you mean?
In person, in real live? Not
I know about this validators bc I follow crypto and work with some of they in Cosmos and Iris, but anyone talk me about this. I found this chat and chain for my self.

That is?


hey there , Where do I come from, if you ask me and I answer you, you should also answer, if it is not bad education. just that.

Sorry, I am only one of validators.
Try to establish relations with validators.
Any validator can propose a new candidate.

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Ok, ty for answers, ok now is understood, I read the documentation but not remember read about that. But is ok. Like I see others here that know my work no supports my validator for xDai fell free to close this threat. Cheers

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