MetaCartel as an xDai validator

Casted Burner Wallet vote for MetaCartel :white_check_mark:

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Casted Portis vote for MetaCartel :white_check_mark:

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Casted Protofire vote for MetaCartel. Great work guys on meta TX and gas station.
3 out of 6 votes have been positives :+1:

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Currently working on getting the node up and running.


Let me know when it’s ready and I’ll finalize the ballot

Any luck with installing of your node?
Let me know if you need any help with that.

YAY!!! Sorry i ran away to the African Playa for a week :smiley: is this vote already passed ;-D

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It’s passed we are just waiting for MetaCartel to install their node . After that, we will finalize the ballot and they will start mining.

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How it’s going @pet3rpan ?

Apologies @igorbarinov, we had run into some issue in setting it up cc: (@jamesyoung) - then had to shelf it for a bit. Will attempt to try to get it up after NYC. Sorry for the delays.

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Np, I’ve added you both to a Validators` support private group and you can post your issues over there

Thanks! I’ll attempt to get everything setup after EthNY, if I have any issues i’ll Make sure to ask. Thanks for the being available to help!

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How are you doing guys? Do you have any problems or questions?
Would be happy to guide you through the process of being validators on xDai if you have problems with setting up your node.

Hi guys, any feedback on it?
It’s ok if you changed your mind and decided not to be validators on xDai Stable Chain. Just let us know and we will create a ballots to remove your application.

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Working on this today!

@igorbarinov - had some questions getting up and running but error trying to access

Cool, please try again.

the link works for me now, thanks!

I’m following the directions on getting the xDai Validator setup : 3: New xDai Validator: After you have been approved as a Validator

I’m at the part of the instructions where it is asking for :

  • NETSTATS_SERVER - ask one of existing validators (e.g. POA) to provide you with correct url of the netstats server
  • NETSTATS_SECRET - ask one of existing validators (e.g. POA) to share the netstats secret code with you. Do not share it with non-validators or people outside of xDai network
  • MINING_KEYFILE - insert content of your mining keystore file here, enclosed in single brackets. The result should look similar to this:

I have two questions :

  1. Who can I go to ask for url of netstats server and netstats secret code?

  2. What is the MINING_KEYFILE?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • I’ve DMed you about the netstats server/secret
  • MINING_KEYFILE is content of json keystore file for your mining key (0xa1c3eb21cd44f0433c6be936ad84d20b70b564d3)
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