Metamask xDai RPC displays eth balances and can not connect to honeyswap or xdai gnosis

Help please,
Switching to xdai rpc keeps the balances of the last network i was at. The xdai tokens balances do not load. I get the message of the side of each tokes, it could not get loaded. And i can not connect to honeyswap or xdai.gnosis.
I have tried switching between accounts and networks. Nothing of that helped. I have restarted the browser, nothing as well

Please, clarify which RPC url are you using for xDai?

I have same problem. here my case.
i have WETH and WxDai in and i made a withdraw to my xdai chain metamask. all the tokens that I moved were read in blockscout, but when I tried to see them on honeyswap it didn’t appear there