Micah Uhrlass, WA - Notary Public (pending)

Hi All,

My name is Micah Uhrlass. I first heard of blockchain, Ethereum, and Notary Coin last Spring. As I began researching, the magnitude of this movement to a decentralized world struck me, and I began investing in cryptocurrencies and continued following the technological advancements.

Fast forward a year, and I’ve since left the corporate, middle-management life to play my part in ushering in a decentralized world full-time. Today I serve as one of two Ethereum engineers at a blockchain start-up putting identity and reputation of IoT devices on the blockchain. But the industry as a whole has my attention, and thus through my research discovered that Notary Coin had turned to Oracles Network, and that validations were alive and kicking!

The role of validator with POA Network is one of leadership and great responsibility and I’m told is best carried out by wearing many hats. Prior to the last year, I’ve been a leader most of my life, holding leadership positions across multiple industries – as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, a math teacher and basketball coach with inner-city high schools through Teach For America, and as a Software Engineering Manager at United Airlines and Amazon.

As a software engineering leader, I am impressed with the direction and volume of work that POA Network’s engineering team is producing. POA Network has clearly chosen to position itself as a pioneer of the industry, which is a bold and expensive role – doing the things no one else has done before means no auto-pilot, and lots of trial and error. But it’s still exciting! It takes passion to offer yourself as a trailblazer, and this is the type of leadership I long to follow and support. For these reasons, I would be honored to help support the backbone of POA serving as a validator. To excel in this role, I would draw upon my diverse background to help ensure maintainability, as well as drive improvements and adoption of the system as a whole.

My application is pending for a position as Notary Public in the state of Washington.

Micah J. Uhrlass