Michael Milirud, WA Notary Public

My professional background is computer engineering, and I’ve spent the past two decades building complex software systems to benefit millions. Crypto first piqued my interest in 2014 when BTC/LTC had its first surge. I was too late for BTC mining, but got the tail of LTC GPU mining and then spent a bunch of time mining other alto-cryptos. Enough to pay for my 8x R9 290 mining rigs. When Mt Gox imploded and the cryptos tanked, I switched my focus to REI (my other day job these days, where notary services are always in demand).

The recent spike in crypto brought me back to mining. Ethereum in particular has caught my attention - the idea of smart contracts and the distributed VM is paradigm shifting. There is no doubt in my mind that Internet 3.0 will be a distributed one. It addresses so many security and integrity issues with the current state of Internet 2.0. The fact that we can finally cut out the need to trust the middle man is revolutionary. This will make our society far more efficient and fair than it is today. Humans are invariably faulty when it comes to things like arbitration and mediation.

With the birth of Ethereum, it’s clear to me that the Blockchain revolution cannot be stopped, just like they couldn’t stop the Torrent P2P networks. I’m back to actively mining ETH (yes, it’s hard these days) and exploring the coins being built on top of it. That brought me to NotaryCoin.

I’d love to help mine and promote NotaryCoin. Notary services should be far easier than they are today. The archaic systems have to give way to the 21st century methods.

Full Name: Michael Milirud
Notary License: 192931
Expiration: 06/19/2021
State: Washington
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmilirud/

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Hi Michael,
welcome to the forum. Btw, we renamed the project to Oracles Network and it’s not NotaryCoin anymore. Feel free to ask questions.

Oracles Network sounds omniscient :slight_smile: Do we have a catchy acronym yet?

I need to catch up on your latest announcements, but let me know if there is anyway I can help support the network.

Best, Michael

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