Missing coins BSC to ETH

I had 0.16 ETH on the Binance Smart chain and was attempting to move it all over to the Etheruem mainnet. I used omnibridge and it says the transaction is successful. I was charged for the gas fees but nothing was added into to my account. I found on AMB monitoring that it says I only have “2 of 3 Confirmations required”.

My MetaMask address is 0x64efdD7E5b6Ab1d3C5118c2A4C7a2afAA39e6954

The transaction hash is

Any help or advice would be much appreciated

You have the token Ethereum Token from BSC (ETH) Token Tracker | Etherscan in your address. This is however the different instance of the ETH token (Binance-Peg ETH) so most likely there isn’t much liquidity for it on ETH mainnet Best you can do is to bridge it back to BSC.