Missing ERC-20 Tokens after bridging from xdai to Eth mainnet


I bridged back an ERC-20 token from xdai network to Eth main on omnibridged. I saw the tokens come in and clicked “claim” and everything. But they are not showing up in my wallet. Looking at the transaction, I do see some type of error. Can anyone help me figure this out?

Although one or more Error Occurred [ Reverted ] Contract Execution Completed"

IF you can’t see it you need add the coin to your wallet

properly because of ETH gas fee spike.

Token is added to my wallet.

So if this is due to gas fee spike, what happen to my tokens?

Anyone able to help? I can’t confidently ever use omnibridge again until I figure out what happened.

Sorry for delay. Thanks for report we are looking on the issue.

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Thank you Alexander!

@eggplanter Sorry for delay.

The root cause has been found and we prepared the fix for to avoid this issue happening in the future. Currently, the bridge governors are considering to apply the changes to the ETH-xDai OmniBridge. Hopefully, they will finalize the voting early next week. After that I will prepare instructions what you need to do to recover your tokens on the xDai side.

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Hi! Here is more details about your issue:


  1. Let’s look at the transaction which initiated the ASKO tokens bridging to the xDai chain:

    Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

    As you can the transaction was to request relaying 15471.906155569042 ASKO. But since the token was developed as so it takes fees for the transfer, only 15317.18709401335107039 ASKO was transferred to the bridge account.

  2. The bridge contract code had an issue – it was not able to recognize rebasing tokens. That’s why 15471.906155569042 ASKO was minted on the xDai chain.

    Transaction 0xd5c35e919c1bc198fa035a6db0e75b996e5b14eb8809517cfa511cd81b4e11e3 - xDai Explorer

  3. Later you tried to receive 15464.170202491257 ASKO on the Ethereum Mainnet by relaying the tokens through the xDai bridge:

    Transaction 0x62dfef58efbf24ba5ba2aac0719cabf055b4e9685dc3f881f57f933ca65c7be0 - xDai Explorer

    But since this amount is higher than the amount of tokens locked on the bridge (15464.17 > 15317.18), the transfer execution failed.

Now the issue in the bridge contracts has been addressed. So, it is safe to bridge rebasing tokens.


  1. The OmniBridge contract has recovery mechanism. I have called the method requestFailedMessageFix for the failed message:

    Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

    This message re-mint 15464.170202491257 ASKO on the xDai side and send it to the account which sent the originating tx: 0x0EA4611cE30252157E4975D7D0a19c80b7e9C235:


  2. Assuming that it is your account, it is possible to send the tokens back to the Ethereum Mainnet through https://omni.xdaichain.com/. But it is important to not exceed the bridge balance.

    If you bridge 15332.504281107362 ASKO, the bridge fees will be deducted, that is why the amount to be unlocked on from the bridge account on the Ethereum side is 15317.18709401335107 which is lower than available amount so the transfer should work properly.

    Try to bridge tokens and let me know if there is any issues.

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for the very detailed explanation and steps for recovery. I hope the vote is successful for the patch.

I hope my transaction error assisted in someway to help make the code stronger!

I was able to bridge back the ASKO token to mainnet and claim them. I see them in my address now.

Thanks again for getting back to me. Much appreciated.