Missing function on MEW to edit contracts


Can´t find the setStartsAt & setEndsAt functions on MEW. I tried on Mainnet previously without lucky and now testing with same exact parameters on Rinkeby and doesn´t show them at all. Modify option on during creation was ticked.

I will appreciate any help, Thanks


First of all, I would like to make it clear when you can change dates for crowdsale tier.

Necessary conditions to change start date:

  1. tier is modifiable
  2. tier is not started yet

Necessary conditions to change end date:

  1. tier is modifiable
  2. tier is not ended yet

Also, you don’t need to use MEW to change dates, because Token Wizard has user-friendly management page. For more info, please take a look https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/wiki/Set-Crowdsale-Start-and-End-Time#set-startsat--endsat-from-the-manage-crowdsale-page.

But if you still want to use MEW to change dates of crowdsale tier use this guide: https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/wiki/Set-Crowdsale-Start-and-End-Time#set-startsat--endsat-from-myetherwallet.

If you don’t see setStartsAt and setEndsAt methods, then ABI you have inserted in MEW page is not for the token contract. You should get ABI for the token contract from your summary files.

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Hi Viktor, I very much appreciate your reply.

Actually I didn´t realize one could make the changes so easily on the actual interface. That´s why I used to use MEW.

On MEW should I use ABI info enclosed into MintedTokenCappedCrowdsaleExt file instead CrowdsaleTokenExt and now indeed come up the functions I was looking for. I just considered wrongly the mention of Crowdsale Contract from the guide.


Unless you have a compelling reason to use MEW for this, I strongly suggest using the web interface.