Missing usdc from xdai to bsc

Bridged 177usdc from my metamask xDai account to BSCSmart chain same metamask using “'COMPONENT.FINANCE” through Omnibridge , the USDC on xdai was deducted but never credited in the Smart chain wallet on metamsk.
0x571f4c715f1bf074666110e61460c4438c18111becaa51456ae940805ab7205d thats the transaction ID. Upon query i discovered the amount was credited to a totally foreign wallet. Please help me sought this out. Thanks.

Component Finance is not a bridge but a DEX where you can swap between Binance Peg USDC and ERC20 USDC. The USDC is still in your wallet on the Gnosis (xDai) Chain. Add this token to your wallet: USD Coin on xDai (USDC) - Gnosis Chain - BlockScout and then use OmniBridge to move it to BSC.