Missing usdt on xdai newtwork

:sleepy: I sent 100 Usdt from metamask under the xdai network to Binance I didn’t get it can anyone help me please?

Let me get this straight. You had 100 USDT on the xdai chain and you sent it on the binance?

What deposit network did you choose from your account?

You always need to use the bridge to move tokens from one chain to another. If you sent the USDT directly from xDai chain to Binance, you need to contact Binance support.

I contacted BINANCE support then they said I needed to contact xdai network support I’m just tired don’t know what to do

Yes I sent Usdt from xdai network to my Binance erc 20 wallet I couldn’t find it up until now please how do I go about this please

There’s nothing xdai can do, you sent the tokens on another chain, and binance has access to that wallet address. If they are willing to help you, they will help you. If not, theres nothing else what anyone else can do

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i sent $1600 USDT on xdai to Binance smart chain walllet and i lost my usdt How can i found my USDT please help me sir

Did you use the bridge? or can you share more how exactly you sent the tokens?

I sent my USDT on Xdai from Metmask on xdai network to Binance smart chain walllet

Oh i i forgot that i can import my Binance smart chain wallet into Metamask i found my tokens thank you sir you Are the best!!!


How did you do that please

I haven’t been able to. I still need help please