Move POA from MEW to Ledger?

How do we move POA coins from MEW to Other wallets? when I am trying to Move X POA coins to The Other address… it considers it as ‘X’ ETH and throws an error “No sufficient balance”.


Hi there, thanks for posting! :relaxed: Here’s some information on how to move your POA coins from MyEtherWallet to Ledger:

Here is some information on how to store your POA coins to several wallets:

Hope this helps! Thanks for posting your question! It can help others in the POA community <3

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Hi Elillian

I’m having exactly the same problem. Followed the links you provided but have still been unable to solve it. The links you posted describe how to log into the POA network using Metamask, but they don’t address the problem of trying to send POA tokens from MEW to a Ledger Nano S address. Whenever I try to do this, there seems to be some confusion on the MEW website - e.g. if I try to send 1 POA token, Metamask counts it as an Eth token instead, and displays huge transaction fees, like $1000 or above. Clearly something isn’t right.

Any help appreciated, thanks.


The Problem is with the Metamask. Use MEW without the Metamask and it will work.


You were right, many thanks.

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Hello Prezo–

based on your description you are set up and functional! The instructions Lillian provided are corrected and your are properly connected to the POA Core Network. Since you are pointed to the POA blockchain vs. the Ethereum blockckhain, MetaMask treats POA as Ethereum; on POA Network you use POA to pay GAS fees vs. ETH on the Ethereum network. MetaMask is showing your POA Balance and only labeling it as ETH. You are good to go. Welcome to the POA Network!

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Thanks for helping and clarifying Jim @1proof ! :relaxed: Prezo, your MetaMask should be showing your POA coins, but it will be displayed as an ETH balance :relaxed:

@prezbo Glad you asked this question on the forum! Feel free to ask more questions. We’re a very friendly community here.

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This stream of questions seemed the best place to help me with where I’m stuck. I’ve got a bootnode on the testnet and was going to try to follow steps to try out the new POABridge and exchange tokens. Part of the instructions for doing that involved adding metamask, which I’ve done. However, I needed coins to try the bridge. I was generously given some coins that were transferred into my Trust Wallet and was trying to get some of those over to metamask so I could start the next level of instructions. This is where I’m lost. You can see I’m new to this, but want to keep working at it. I need some basic help to get to the point of starting to follow the POA Bridge instructions. Anyone with patience? I’m certain I’m missing a basic instruction.

I would suggest reviewing the POA Network Wiki wallet section to to help learn the basics:

The Wiki should provide enough information for transferring tokens between wallets; if not, I suggest starting a new forum question under technical support - this question is not related to MEW or Ledger. Bridging is also not related to bootnodes, and tokens are bridged, not exchanged. Studying the Wiki should help. Good luck!