MOVR tokens stuck "pending" on metamask but Block explorer shows success

My metamask is showing pendding and will no longer allow me to send any thing from that address.
I know when using all I had to do to clear it was to send 0 eth to the same address and Nonce number. how do I do this on blockscout.

also, I noticed my ledger live won’t open anymore for me to execute the send command.


Did you ever get an answer? I need help too.

I sent MOVR from metamask to kucoin. It was over 3 hours ago. The deposit still hasn’t shown in my kucoin account. My MOVR was in my Metamask Moonbeam wallet, but it’s the same contract address. I wasn’t able to send my MOVR to my metamask Moonriver wallet. Honestly, I didn’t know how. I tried, but I figured it would still transfer and get to my kucoin MOVR wallet. Was I wrong? If so, how can I change this and recover my MOVR Coins? I have already contacted Kucoin support and sent all the details, but I’m not holding my breath for their assistance.