My token is locked in home contract

I setup the bridge contract successfully in my local, and tried to send token to foreign, then I found that my token is locked in home bridge. How to resolve this issue?


Did you deployed and configured the TokenBridge oracle? Which version of the oracle did you deploy? Please create a gist with logs from the oracle.

It will be great if you specify version and mode of the contract you used. Please also verify the contracts in the blockscout - it will be easier to debug the case.


I use oracle in my local, the version info from package.json:

“version”: “1.0.0”,

I will create a gist for all the logs, and verify the contracts

Logs here:

The 3rd one:

I verified failed, do you have the doc of how to verify contracts?
Actually the contract code I use is HEAD is: 86b35f8382d5cb98e5738128a0c1a3718c471c72