MyCrypto as an xDai Validator :-D



MyCrypto is interested in being a validator / node operator :smiley:.
We can also provide additional functionality through to developers/people looking to leverage the xdai chain :blush:.
Looking forward to working with you!


POA Network. News and updates #41

Hi Michael,

Welcome to our forum! Glad you like xDai Chain :smiley: Happy to answer any questions you may have here.


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Michael, we are currently working on instructions for the validators nominees and will we will propose ballots for the voting for new validators soon, so stay tuned!

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Sounds good, Iโ€™ll keep an eye out :slight_smile:


Hey @blurpesec !

Our technical writer has just published a walkthrough / guide of what you and the new validator candidates need to do! It is published here

Any questions or issues you have please post it in our Validators Support :

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Hi @blurpesec , have you got any questions or is everything all good?



All good, just really busy at this point in time, unfortunately. I saw your directions and itโ€™s on my list of things to do, thanks! :smile:

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