Nathalie Salami - CA Lawyer, Notary Wannabe

Dear POA community, I am dedicated to the advancement of blockchain technology. To that end, I would like to become a validator on the POA network. I am currently a California attorney, and I plan on obtaining my notary license to participate as a validator in the network. In the past, I have worked with many different cryptocurrency related projects. I am interested in maintaining the POA network so that businesses have a great blockchain option where they can safely record transactions.


I can’t believe we have Nathalie Salami here on the POA Network. You’re being too modest. I know you have done more for the blockchain community and industry! Thank you for designing blockchain education courses at Hyperledger/ The Linux Foundation, starting your own FinTech company, and the many professional consultations to colleagues on the regulation and compliance of this new technology. It would be wonderful if you became a validator :slight_smile:


Hi Lillian,

Thanks for the message. The blockchain education course that I helped create for the Linux Foundation now has over 60,000 students. The course shows people how to create a “hello world” application on active hyperledger blockchain frameworks (Fabric, Sawtooth, Iroha). I have also given lectures on blockchain regulatory considerations at Google, Microsoft, PWC, the California Academy of Sciences, the San Francisco Bitcoin meetup, and the Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup. My law firm’s client list is mostly comprised of early stage blockchain companies.


Hi Nathalie,

Thanks for your interest in POA Network and becoming a Validator.

Have to say, I’m impressed with your background and experience in the all things Blockchain, especially the legal side.

One aspect of being a Validator is participation in the forums.

There is an interesting thread happening at: Identity at Stake – What is it really?

Given your background and experience, curious what your thoughts/opinions/guidance might be, so please respond if you have time/inclination.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you.



Hello Nathalie,

While you are in the process of receiving your notary license, I encourage you to check out the POA Network Github Wiki if you haven’t already. It does a great job of discussing the requirements to become both a Sokol and Core Network validator. It also explains the validator role, setting up a validator node, and many other useful topics that will help ensure a smooth on-boarding process. If you have any questions, Nathalie, feel free to reach out to myself or any other Core/Sokol validator. We all are glad to help!

I looking forward to hearing your thoughts/ideas in the near future, Nathalie!

Rocco Mancini


Welcome, Nathalie! Good to have another lawyer as part of the POA community. I am currently applying to become a validator and I can say that the current validators have been a huge help for me regarding the technical aspects of setting up a node. So I want to echo @rfm’s comment above: feel free to reach out to current validators for help in any way.


Hello, I have passed my notary exam and will obtain my license once my fingerprints clear :slight_smile:


Congratulations Nathalie!! Please keep us updated every step of the way. Also, would love to be updated about your latest blockchain projects, events that you are speaking, teaching at, or on the panel for. You’re awesome :slight_smile:

Hi elillian,

Thanks. I have consulted for many interesting blockchain projects. My next speaking engagement will be on blockchain IoT applications during SEMICON West at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. SEMICON is a conference for people in the semiconductor industry to keep up on the latest trends.

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UPDATE my Notary Public Commission number is 2252218.


Nathalie, can you please describe in more detail which legal aspects do you help blockchain startups with?

@oxanakunets I have helped exchanges with their MSB licensing and reporting. I have also helped startups from the idea stage through successful ICOs. I mainly deal with aspects of financial regulations that affect blockchain startups.

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I would really like to be a validator soon. 07%20PM

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