Need 4 Eth for testing large smart contracts on an intercompanies project


The faucet by default does not distribute more than 0.001 Eth, which I’v been able to get twice - thanks for this.
But trying to deploy a 3M gas contract failed because I would need more given the base fee = 1GWei.
I’v tried lowering the gas price but transaction was not mined … now I will need to upgrade the gas …

I am running a project between multiple companies and wishes to expose the contracts to all for Dapp testing and provide them with some Eth as well.

I am not a direct Ethereum repo contributor but I’v done several contribution to the community : see npm repo npm | Sign In, medium articles : Guénolé de Cadoudal – Medium

please help by sending 4 KEth to 0x078A711b590dce589779fe5a57C82ACF84187dFC

Thanks :pray:

I have sent you the KETH to the address above.

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Thanks very much.
Will start my deployment :slight_smile:

Great, it worked like a charm

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