Need Help with BSC->ETH bridge problem

I originally bridge usdc from bsc to erc20 at omnibridge and I found that created a token “USDC from BSC (erc20)” which is not tradeable in erc20 so I followed some online instruction that again use omnibridge to bridge the “USDC from BSC (erc20)” to xdai chain and tried to swap it in component fin. however, it again created a new token that “USDC from bsc on erc20(xdai)” as you may see in transcation hash 0x74b867a3389e6677cd627b317ce49f742e18b53013b9eed99e98867239210385

How could I swap it into real USDC (erc20)? As im afraid I will consistently create some new token and waste my gas fee… Should I reverse the bridge, from xdai to erc20 and then to bsc?

Solved in the Intercom.