New Active Ballot procedure

We need to come up with a procedure / communication channel on active ballots.

If one of validators creates new ballot, we need to make sure that all validators are aware of it (ideally) before it gets created.

THEORETICALLY it is possible to silently create new ballot and convince two more validators to vote YES. It is also possible that other validators will not be aware of this ballot until it ended.

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Marat et al,

I agree communication of on-chain events ( new ballots etc … ) is crucial for success of network. As I don’t know what the status of any Validator Notification tools in development I’ve been working on my own.

This is not long term solution but can mitigate some risk in short term. Currently it is a centralized service that would run on a separate AWS node. This would be deprecated as say notifications are integrated into a wallet ( TrustWallet perhaps? )

It can be found here:

Currently, it only sends email or text via email for newly created Ballots and next step would be to enhance to send Ballot reminders if one has not voted.

I am looking for Sokol Validator volunteers to help test . If interested please send me a PM with permission to use your public email as published on Sokol testnet. If you want text would need your mobile number and carrier for now.



Great, sent you PM, also I’ll take a look at the code later tonight … we should be able to add other APIs like posting to Telegram channel or other communication tools

Marat, I believe Igor has already requested this feature.

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