New Validator Proposal

I have been acquiring Stake for almost 300 days. When the POSDAO launched I had my eyes set on becoming a validator. I have aquired 16,000 units of Stake.

I would need either 4,000 units granted or for the threshold to be lowered. I saw other community members entertaining the idea of granting 20,000 units for another validator to enter the network and thought bringing up this proposal coulndn’t hurt.

My full interest is in the future, and network security of xDai, and subsequently the price of Stake.

If I became a Validator I would plan on selling about $1,000 on average a week between xDai and Stake collected - at the current prices. As the price of Stake went up the USD would go up but I would scale down the % sold.

Let me know of any feedback or ideas, thanks!


Hey, @LittIeEinsteinX, just discovered this proposal and wondering if it is still on the table or you already joined as a validator?

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