New wallet support: CitoWise adds POA support

CitoWise, a mobile ETH/ETHC wallet recently added support for POA. They focus on making investments in ICOs easier by integrating with ICO’s KYC, and doing due-diligence the ICO is not an obvious scam, by analyzing the WP, doing background checks on the team members, and arranging a call with the founders. They can also restrict contributions by country.

CitoWise has announced POA support on their blog and are open to additional joint marketing messaging.

It would be great to list them as a supported wallet at under the Wallets section.

Best, Michael


Thank you for all of your work with CitoWise Michael! You have demonstrated the unique power of the POA Network and Community by helping an emerging company add value for its target market while driving the cost out of operations for all involved. By integrating POA Core as a native option, CitoWise has helped ICO entities make it much simpler to choose POA as their primary blockchain. I fully support your efforts and suggestions, and encourage the rest of the POA Network community to do so as well. Great job, Michael!



As new ICOs are readying to ship on POA, we can have them reviewed by CW team for eligibility of being listed in their wallet .They offer good controls to avoid the scams. This is just one way to help us raise the industry bar on the ICOs that we enable and promote with the POA network.

Best, Michael


CitoWise was just mentioned in our weekly newsletter: POA Network. News and updates #29.

Would be good to also add them to the wallet section in

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Could you ask them for a logo of suitable size?


Here are their light and dark background title logos, as well as a square logo:!AqyfCT9MzhlXh4ZyXXOr3MJeM5el9A

CW has recently partnered with LAToken and Credits. They are curious when can we list them as a supported wallet on our site.

Also, do we have a wiki for launching ICOs on POA? Would be good to mention CW as a channel there for safe ICO investing.

Igor, do you need anything else from their side to add the CW icon to They’ve asked me a number of times now. No rush, but wanted to communicate back a rough ETA. Here’s the text they propose we use:

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Will add it today
@Ziggy please submit PR

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@Ziggy added. Thank you Ziggy

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Very cool. They also listed POA as a partner on their site. We should probably provide them with an updated logo to use :slight_smile:

Looks like the partnership section from POA site has disappeared recently. Is this a known issue?

There is no section Tokens anymore.
All wallets are here
I don’t see CytoWise tho.
@Ziggy can you create an issue to update wallets section in wiki?

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I created an issue and will add the images soon


Looks like the GitHub issue was closed, but I still don’t see CW wallet on

Quality over quantity :ok_hand:t5:

CW is a high quality wallet. They pre-screen ICOs, actually interviewing ICO teams, before enabling CW users to invest in those ICOs. This industry needs more efforts like that.