New xDai Validator: Non AWS Node Deployment

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Node requirements

Log into your Cloud Dashboard and deploy a new node with the following minimal system requirements:

  • OS: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS with root or sudo-user access over ssh
  • CPU: minimum 2 cores
  • RAM: minimum 4GB
  • Disk: SSD
  • Open network ports: SSH port (default 22 TCP), 30303 UDP. For security purposes, close other ports

If prompted to create new user during deployment - do so and skip the section about adding new user below. This guide will be using ubuntu as the username, use the default or replace with your sudo -user username.

Add User with Sudo Privileges

  1. SSH into your node using the root password provided by cloud service (either by web portal or email) or using the SSH key supplied during deployment. If you already have sudo user, replace root with your user and skip the next two steps.
    Azure users will not have access to their root account by default, use your sudo user and skip to next section after connecting.

ssh root@

  1. Logged in as root add user and grant sudo privileges. It is recommended to use default user ubuntu .

adduser ubuntu

  • Enter a STRONG password to protect the user and you can leave the next 5 fields blank. Confirm the information is correct. We will be using a parameter to ask sudo pass during ansible deployment.
  1. Grant user ubuntu sudo privileges

usermod -aG sudo ubuntu

  1. Return to step III. Ansible Playbook Configuration in Phase 3 setup