Newbie - Help with Nifty Wallet

Completely new to crypto and crypto wallets. As a test I tried to send some WBTC from Coinbase to my Nifty wallet address. Transaction went through, but i cannot see the WBTC in my Nifty Wallet. I added the custom token WBTC with the following contract address: 0x0106f2ffbf6a4f5dece323d20e16e2037e732790

Hopefully what I am doing wrong is just lack of knowledge. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mantis,

The contract address you added looks a bit odd, try this one: $31,700.0000 | Wrapped BTC (WBTC) Token Tracker | Etherscan and let me know.

Just tried one from the link you sent:

WBTC added fine to wallet, but balance still shows zero.

I believe that Nifty Wallet is connected to POA network by default. Click to the top left corner to change the network to Main Ethereum Network. You should see your WBTC now.

Thank you. Yes. I tried this already. You are correct that it defaults to POA.

I think I know what I did wrong now. I sent funds to the address when I was on RSK which is incorrect. I did not realize the Nifty wallet had different address when selecting Ethereum. I suspect I have lost this test transaction which is fine as it was the purpose of the test. I will now test sending another small amount to the correct address.