NFT sold or stolen

hello, I’m looking for help.
I successfully listed my nft on the platform, but after a few days my nft no longer appear. reviewing my transactions I see my nft listed and created and if I click on one it appears to me created by someone else, in the activity section it appears the dates and the price in which I create it and then it appears the dates and creation of another user, I thought my nft was sold or stolen, because whoever is selling it is doing it at a lower price. What I can do?
attached screenshots My transactions

when i click in the small image show me this

In the activity section appers the date when I create the nft

I don’t now if I sell or if the nft is stolen.
Pls help

You should contact Portion support with this issue. This is totally out of the scope of this forum. This forum is for xDai and POA chains and only for the xDai BlockScout instance.