Nifty + Ledger not working with Chrome new release

Hi team,

Are you aware of this?

This is what Metamask is saying:
"Ledger Support Update for Chrome Users
As of Chrome version 91, the API that enabled our Ledger support (U2F) no longer supports hardware wallets. MetaMask has implemented a new Ledger Live support that allows you to continue to connect to your Ledger device via the Ledger Live desktop app.

You can enable Ledger Live support by clicking Settings > Advanced > Use Ledger Live.

When interacting with your Ledger account in MetaMask, a new tab will open and you will be asked to open the Ledger Live app. Once the app opens, you’ll be asked to allow a WebSocket connection to your MetaMask account. That’s all!"

Brave + Nifty+ Ledger is working ok.



Hi @Alejandro_Cavallero , thank your for reporting this.

@ Poa Network team, any update about this issue?

Hi @Poa Network team!! any news about this incident?

@AndrewG ?

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@POA @AndrewG

NiftyWallet+Ledger on Brave last version (Release V1.28.105 (Aug 11, 2021)) is currently not working.

Do you have any update about this issue?

Hi guys, we plan to work on this but don’t have enough resources at the moment. Will keep you updated.

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Hello! Is it there any update about this?