Nifty- trezor error on xdai network ++solution found++

Hi, I have transferred dai to xdai via bridge to my trezor wallet. Funds are visible in my wallet on the xdai network/ honey swap, however I can’t use them. Nifty and metamask keep delivering error message when the transaction is signed on trezor. Error: ‘Wrong chain-id’ . Any ideas on how to get my xdai tokens available again are very welcome. Many thanks.

If anybody has trouble with trezor model FW2.3.3 on Xdai network here’s the solution:

To be able to use Metamask / Nifty + Trezor on xDai or other chains you would need to downgrade the Trezor firmware to v2.3.0 and it then works fine. Only works on Model T and not Trezor One.