Nifty Wallet Is Back on the Chrome Store!


Two weeks ago, the Google Chrome Store took down Nifty Wallet due to minor issues with its listing status. This caused some complications for developers and users who wanted easy access from the browser to POA Core, xDai or Ethereum Classic. We are happy to report these issues have been resolved and the Nifty Wallet extension is back online!

Users can now download and update their versions of Nifty Wallet and enjoy the many features that make it a unique browser wallet including:

  • Easy access to various EVM mainnets including POA Core Network, xDai Chain, Ethereum Classic and to testnets including Gorli Test Network
  • Interaction with smart contracts directly within the extension
  • Multiple Ledger/Trezor accounts for one session

and much more.

Development of Nifty Wallet is ongoing. We will continue adding additional features and networks to provide users with an easy-to-use, robust and versatile EVM browser wallet.

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