Nifty Wallet Release 4.11.0



  • #262: (Feature) Add native support of Görli testnet
  • #254: (Feature) HitBTC exchange for core POA network
  • #251: (Feature) Delegate Proxy contract type (EIP-897)
  • #252: (Feature) Simultaneous support of Trezor and Ledger HD wallets
  • #250: (Feature) Support of multiple accounts from Trezor HD wallet for single session
  • #237: (Feature) Multiple Ledger accounts for one session
  • #249: (Feature) Textarea instead of input for array type outputs in contract calls
  • #247: (Update) Change exchange rate API endpoint


  • #261: (Fix) Clear timeout on componentWillUnmount in connect hardware screen
  • #260: (Fix) Remove unit && integration tests for unused components
  • #258: (Fix) ENS validation fix for Send transaction screen
  • #257: (Fix) Replace with in e2e
  • #248: (Fix) validation for calling data from contract: Default 0x value for bytes field type should be set only for input fields


  • #259: (Refactoring) Refactor copy component
  • #256: (Refactoring) Send-token component
  • #253: (Refactoring) Refactor network props enums

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