Nifty Wallet Release 4.11.3

  • #272: Update Classic RPC endpoint

Download source code and binaries here:

Published to Chrome Store :white_check_mark:

Can’t seem to find it on Chrome Store currently? Would love to test.


It’s removed from the Chrome Store by the Don't be evil company.

So you can install it yourself from the GitHub.

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Haha! Yeah, will do. Would be good to get it on Chrome though, would be nice to give people another option for using dApps on ETC.

Sure, I’m working on brining it back.
Btw had you try the WETC bridge? Introducing ETC Bridge and wrapped Ethereum Classic (WETC)

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Hey @igorbarinov found time to test a few things today :slight_smile:

I like Nifty Wallet, much like Saturn Wallet it is keeping the menu simple and easy to follow. I have found the way MetaMask’s new menu / interface is setup to not make much sense - but maybe that is just me.

Would be good if you could display the correct USD values when connected to ETC’s network, as that can confuse people.

Also tried out ETC Bridge, and published a full article about it:

Very nice, was very easy to use! Hopefully some of our userbase will try it out and we may see a healthy WETC / ETH market emerging on Saturn Network.

By the way does WETC have an official token logo?