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Nifty Wallet Release 5.0.0

Nifty Wallet Release 5.0.0

Update in-page provider: EIP-1193 implemented and extended with props like selectedAddress, networkVersion, chainId.

For contract/proxy types of accounts, the ability to set transaction value for executed payable methods is added.

Attention :warning:
In addition, this release consists of breaking changes for the natively supported by Nifty Wallet chains that use different from Ethereum derivation paths for accounts, specifically RSK and ETC. Namely, in the previous releases of Nifty wallet, accounts at RSK and ETC chains were derived from ETH derivation path, whereas these chains use specific dPaths to derive accounts. It means, that in previous versions accounts derived from mnemonic phrase were the same, that and in Ethereum and not equal to those, that should be derived for these custom chains. Starting from this release, other addresses will be derived in case of
RSK and ETC chains from the same seed phrase, than it was in previous versions of extension
. I would like to emphasize, that the issue covers only accounts derived from a seed phrase in previous versions of the extension, nor with imported accounts, neither with hardware wallets. And only RSK and ETC chains are affected.

Once more, Do I need to do extra steps:

  • if I have funds in imported hardware wallets accounts?

  • if I have funds in accounts imported by private key, by keystore file?

  • If I have funds in accounts derived from a mnemonic phrase in POA, xDai, Ethereum chains?

  • If I have funds in accounts derived from a mnemonic phrase in RSK, ETC chains?

What to do if you have funds in RSK or/and ETC chain in the account derived from seed phrase in the previous versions of Nifty Wallet?

Don’t worry, you still can access those funds using the previous versions of Nifty Wallet. Because those accounts will be “incorrectly” derived the seed phrase. And you can transfer funds from them to anywhere.

In order to install previous Nifty Wallet version:

  1. Download the bundle of the extension for Chrome of the previous 4.11.10 release from the GitHub https://github.com/poanetwork/nifty-wallet/releases/download/v4.11.10/nifty-wallet-chrome-4.11.10.zip
  2. Extract zip archive
  3. Open Google Chrome extensions page chrome://extensions
  4. In the upper right corner switch on “Developer mode”
  5. And click “Load unpacked” button where choose the location of the content of the extracted folder from step 2.
  6. That’s it. The previous version of Nifty wallet extension will appear in the list and in the top bar of the browser. You can log in there, as usual, restore from a seed phrase and transfer funds from accounts in RSK, ETC chains to any safe place you want.
  7. You can safely remove temporarily loaded previous release of Nifty wallet and use the new one from Google Chrome web store.


  • #340, #342 - (Feature) Update in-page provider (EIP-1193)

  • #334 - (Feature) Ability to set tx value for payable methods

  • #333 - (Fix) Support RSK testnet explorer links

  • #332 - (Chore) Return to main screen from removal of imported account

  • #330 - (Fix) Derive correct addresses for custom networks (RSK/ETC)

  • #329 - (Fix) Connect to unknown private network fix

  • #326 - (Chore) HTTP2 RPC endpoints for POA and xDai

  • #324 - (Chore) Whitelist Geon token

  • #323 - (Chore) update Mainnet tokens metadata

  • #322 - (Fix) Update explorers links

  • #318 - (Fix) pasting of ABI for contract type account

  • #317 - (Fix) path to derive accounts in HD wallets for RSK, ETC

The link to release in GitHub:

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Here is an article for those of you using Nifty Wallet with RSK,
that provides steps for resolving the derivation path issue:

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