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Node sync failed after POSDAO activation

After ‘POSDAO’ activation, we are not able to sync node. Parity(2.7.2) fails with error:

`Stage 5 block verification failed for #9186425 (0x8fff…b518)`

Error: Block(InvalidStateRoot(Mismatch { expected: 0x31cadc15273b49ed6646e12cc27f89bc4d86291e325c3f04bc6ee45d0247497e, found: 0x2e4963d74a9a15443f18c8255a2cdb8ffab54ddc6dc60bb600b8ab7a2ffc2fe2 }))

Do you have any new instructions - how to sync xdai network for non validators?
https://www.xdaichain.com/for-developers/install-xdai-client/parity - doesn’t have any updates


Hey @abliamit,

Are you using Parity v2.7.2 with --chain xdai CLI option? If yes, please try to use the release which fully supports POSDAO (https://github.com/poanetwork/open-ethereum/releases/tag/v2.7.2-posdao-stable) and use --chain ./spec.json instead (with the explicit specification file). You can get the latest spec.json from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/poanetwork/poa-chain-spec/dai/spec.json

We expect the OpenEthereum team to release v3 stable soon which would support all POSDAO features. Also, Parity v2.7.2 has the previous spec.json (without POSDAO transition) in their default configs - we will update the spec in https://github.com/openethereum/openethereum repo for the next OpenEthereum release.

Yes, we used Parity v2.7.2 with --chain.

Thank you for a quick respond!

@AndrewG please update the instruction

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