Node sync failed after POSDAO activation

After ‘POSDAO’ activation, we are not able to sync node. Parity(2.7.2) fails with error:

`Stage 5 block verification failed for #9186425 (0x8fff…b518)`

Error: Block(InvalidStateRoot(Mismatch { expected: 0x31cadc15273b49ed6646e12cc27f89bc4d86291e325c3f04bc6ee45d0247497e, found: 0x2e4963d74a9a15443f18c8255a2cdb8ffab54ddc6dc60bb600b8ab7a2ffc2fe2 }))

Do you have any new instructions - how to sync xdai network for non validators? - doesn’t have any updates


Hey @abliamit,

Are you using Parity v2.7.2 with --chain xdai CLI option? If yes, please try to use the release which fully supports POSDAO ( and use --chain ./spec.json instead (with the explicit specification file). You can get the latest spec.json from here:

We expect the OpenEthereum team to release v3 stable soon which would support all POSDAO features. Also, Parity v2.7.2 has the previous spec.json (without POSDAO transition) in their default configs - we will update the spec in repo for the next OpenEthereum release.

Yes, we used Parity v2.7.2 with --chain.

Thank you for a quick respond!

@AndrewG please update the instruction

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